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All lessons that are still in production are marked with "(still in production)" in the course overview below.

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Automotive Trace Analysis with Wireshark (e-Learning)

Automotive Trace Analysis with Wireshark (e-Learning)

Learn how to use Wireshark in the Automotive industry! 

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Wireshark as well as practical tutorials based on real-world scenarios. This course is structured in video lessons and contains example traces and profiles as well as theoretical background in form of presentations (PDF format).

Currently the training is finalized around 90 % (only bonus chapters are still in production). Of course you will get free access to all future updates to this training. Lessons that have not been published yet are marked in the chapter overview below.

After purchase, you will have course access for 1 year. Of course the entire material (slides, traces, profiles) can be used even after this period.

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Course Contents

This is what you can expect from this e-learning course:

Chapter 01


  1. Welcome to the Training (still in production)
  2. How to use this Training (still in production)

Chapter 02

Getting Started

  1. Getting Wireshark (General)
  2. Getting Wireshark (macOS)
  3. Getting Wireshark (Linux)
  4. Opening the first Trace File

Chapter 03

Wireshark Fundamentals

  1. Wireshark GUI Overview - Capturing the first Trace
  2. Packet Details
  3. Time and Timestamps
  4. Filtering and Sorting
  5. Marking and Commenting
  6. Saving and Exporting

Chapter 04


  1. Configuration Profiles (Introduction)
  2. Columns Customization
  3. Filter Shortcuts
  4. Coloring Rules
  5. UI Customizations

Chapter 05

Statistics and Graphs

  1. Endpoint and Conversation Statistics
  2. I/O Graphs
  3. Exporting to CSV and using Excel

Chapter 06

Practical Examples

  1. CAN over Ethernet: PDU Transport (e.g., Zone Architecture)
  2. Diagnostics (UDS over CAN and DoIP)
  3. SOME/IP

Chapter 07

Bonus Material

  1. TShark: Wireshark in the Terminal (still in production)
  2. PyShark (still in production)
  3. Plausibility checks before Trace Analysis (still in production)

Also available for companies!

This training is also available for companies, for example as part of your employees' on-boarding process. The company plan includes support, Q&A calls and more (depending on the plan). Don't hesitate to contact us, we will find the right package for your company!

Get in touch for a special company offer!

Frequently asked Questions

Can I instantly start the course after checkout?


After successful checkout, you will be automatically granted access in the course platform. This might take up to 5 minutes.
You will receive an e-mail with your access information.

Does the course include any material?


You will be able to download the traces that were used in the course as well as the specialized profiles (e.g., for the SOME/IP traces).
All presentations shown in the course will also be included as PDFs.

Do you offer volume licenses for companies?


If you are interested in purchasing this course for your company, please reach out to:

How long does it take to finish the course?

The final course will have around 03:30 h of pure video playback time.

Taking the final exam (coming later 2024) will take between 30 to 60 minutes, so in total you will need between half and an entire business day to complete the course.

Can I order more than one licence at a time?

In theory, yes, but as a limitation of the shop system only one email address can be signed up for the course per purchase.

In case you purchased more than one licence at a time, please contact info@coursemine.de and we will add the residual users manually.

Get your Course Certificate! (Later in 2024)

As an essential part of the course, there is a final test covering the entire course content.

After passing the test, you will receive a certificate (test and certificate coming later this year).